Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

I read this after my eldest daughter gushed over and over about it and I’m glad I did, but not for any real reason found in the book. Don’t get me wrong it was all right. I enjoyed parts of the story and the characters seemed mostly very real to me, but like others who’ve commented I felt the dialogue was too much/ too heavy in parts (and in other parts dead on); I didn’t care for the drunk Dutchman and his role; or fully understand the connection to Anne Frank (other than it was local). Pretty much, I think the back 1/3 of the book just wasn’t as well written and developed as the first 2/3.

Why I am glad I read it though is I believe Green did a very good job of injecting into the story (and thus into me, the reader) the yearning, heartbreaking, character-searching and angst-ridden soul of a teenager, offering a glimpse into the thoughts, aspirations and musings of my own precious teen. That’s worth way more than any stars.

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