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Appearances Matter (From my Goodreads Q&A)

One of the most important aspects of the novel is the notion (reality) that people have a public image that is different from the private self. In the book I don’t elaborate on the circumstances surrounding how Evan Meade got custody of Oliver because those circumstances don’t really matter. He did. And he shouldn’t have. […]

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NC Author Tribute month

Over at Booksie’s Blog, Sandie is reviewing books by North Carolina authors, of which I am fortunate to include myself. She says of the intention behind her tribute is to: …set aside June to celebrate all things North Carolina.  All books reviewed in June will either be by a NC author (born here or currently […]

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A Lovely book review for “A Lovely, Indecent Departure”

Megan, from the book review blog, Love, Literature, Art and Reason, calls A Lovely, Indecent Departure “a literary novel, a thriller, a mystery all wrapped up in one package.” Check out Megan’s complete review: To order your a paperback copy today click here, or select the eBook format of your choice from the menu to […]

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Did I mention the hot librarian?

John Updike once said that all his works were literary fiction because they were written in words, but he didn’t really like the term as he felt it limited him in his writing. I can appreciate that sentiment as in the month or so since releasing my first novel, I’ve struggled with the labeling because […]

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I don’t really care for quotations, but I know why a reader would miss them. Words not chosen for their precision, directness and clarity—even those which are spoken—need a little bit of help. Or as was recently pointed out to me from an avid believer of the inverted comma: a book without quotations would be […]

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(Un)Tying the Bowline

If I were ever to own a sailboat, and I think I would like that very much one day, I would name it The Damned Fool. To be sure, the phrase embodies what many might think of the sloop’s senseless, stubborn captain. But the moniker has little to do with me, and even less with […]

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