Book Review: The Thyroid Solution Diet

First off: This book is not just about the thyroid or those who suffer from thyroid related issues. Second: Anyone interested in extending their life should read it. I have for years been interested in the connection between food, exercise and physical health and this book, which falls along the same lines of Gary Taubes’ Why […]

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Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

I read this after my eldest daughter gushed over and over about it and I’m glad I did, but not for any real reason found in the book. Don’t get me wrong it was all right. I enjoyed parts of the story and the characters seemed mostly very real to me, but like others who’ve […]

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Then there are the books I should have read but didn’t, or did with so little regard for what was in them. I read them—or not as the case often was—for assignment, for a grade, because somebody said that I should. I didn’t read them for pleasure, not usually. Nor for what they said about […]

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When Is Your Reader Ready?

I had the chance today to guest blog over at and because it was day 1 of my 2 day Kindle eBook Giveaway, I took the opportunity to reflect on what that promotion meant in terms of readership. For starters, giving my work away on such a large scale endeavor meant I no longer had […]

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First Lines: The Dead Lion

Thought I’d begin a new thing here where I share the first few lines of my favorite books. There are many, but to start, and because I’m a loathing, self-loving writer, I’ll turn of course not to someone else’s but to the book I am working on at the moment: In the late evenings of […]

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Cleaning the Slate

This post was original published on my blog, Without Envy, January 19, 2011 Franca and I are not fanatics about health — well, our children might say we are and maybe it’s true, though we also believe that everything is better in moderation, including wellness dogmas — but we do eat well, exercise regularly and generally follow […]

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Guest Post: A Lovely, Anti-Hero

This weekend I had the opportunity to write a guest post at Guiltless Reading, an exceptional blog from a writer based in Canada. Also included is a giveaway, both a signed paperback and an eBook edition up for grabs to those to enter. So click on over to Guilltess Reading and read what I have […]

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Inspiration: For When You Need It Most

I don’t even own this book, but for some reason it is always there on my mind or in the back of my mind or otherwise someplace near to it. When I check it out of the library, I usually keep it through the maximum amount of renewals (9 I think) and thumb through it […]

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A Guide for Readers

I have been fortunate in the three months since launching the book to participate in a number of writing discussions, interviews, readings, forums, etc. A pleasant surprise from those experiences is the degree of thought and introspection it required of me to answer certain questions about the novel. That sounds strange since I wrote it—and […]

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On Becoming A Writer

The story of how I came to want to be a writer is not unlike any others. I was drawn to it, almost as if by accident, through some other passionate interest. I was in the eighth grade and at that time—and still now—I was very much into the responsible use and protection our natural […]

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