Praise for A Lovely, Indecent Departure


“The quality in this book is a perfect example of Indie authors being able to hold their own in regards to larger publishing house authors and that those readers who dismiss Indie authors are truly missing out.  The thing to boot, is that this is a debut author. Imagine what is to come from this author!!”—A Book and A Review

“…a choice and much recommended addition to general fiction collections.”—Midwest Book Review

“The well-crafted plot is meted out at a steady pace, continually feeding readers’ need to know and simultaneously whetting the appetite for more.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Riveting…perfect for any kind of literary escape.”—The Wake Weekly

“A Lovely, Indecent Departure also features an incredibly well-written plot.  Stories grounded so deeply in personal psychologies and interpersonal relationships sometimes sacrifice plot-progression for character analysis, but Mr. Gilbert balances the two perfectly, writing a family drama much like a crime-thriller with cliff-hanger chapters and an action-based pace.  Mr. Gilbert stages his character’s most important moments without narrative commentary or unnecessary information, lending an excitement to an already emotionally-charged book without resorting to melodrama or hysterics.”— The Unbound Underground

“This novel brings together many genres, effortlessly. Merging crime, family drama, action, chic-lit, and intoxicating landscapes, A Lovely, Indecent Departure is captivating…No matter what side of the custody battle you identify with, you will be riveted to the very last page.”—The Literary R&R

“It’s a literary novel, a thriller, a mystery all wrapped up in one package.”—Love, Literature, Art and Reason

“Gilbert has written a masterful debut.”—Booksie’s Blog

“A Lovely, Indecent Departure has a well-crafted plot line and is written in a bold prose that leaves little room for frill. The sentences were often active and called for my attention. It was the different style of writing that drew me into this story.”—Good Book Alert

“…an unassuming work, one that doesn’t seek to draw you in with cheap gimmicks and plot tricks. It presents itself as it is, quiet, steady, and ultimately charming.”—Isle of Books

“A ringside seat to a drama whose tensions are racheted higher and higher as we near the denouement…An impressive debut.”—Post Menopausal Zest

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